Jazz and ska sweetly united

Bakelit is a Stockholm based band of ska loving jazz musicians. We have re-built some of our favourite jazz tunes, and dressed them up in a sweet backbeat suit. This music has a Swedish summer vibe, and some lyrics are translated to Swedish. But of course we are happy to perform in English - any time!

Some samples from our repertoire:

Night in Tunisia   http://soundcloud.com/bakelit-1/night-in-tunisia-1

My Baby   http://soundcloud.com/bakelit-1/my-baby

Stormy Weather   http://soundcloud.com/bakelit-1/stormy-weather

Bakelit is: 

Lena Margareta Edlund, song and cornet
Axel Udikas, saxophone
Elvin Kennegård, guitarr
Lars Udikas, drums
Tobias Rydberg, base guitarr
Tobias Andersson, trombone

For more information, please send an e-mail to bakelit@live.com